Babylon 5 Starfury

This is an early version of the kit with slightly squat engines, which is easy to fix with a bit of effort, Evergreen half-round and some Milliput.

The decals are good, but the fit on some of the parts is a bit grim!

Lighting is easy with just a single overhead l.e.d. above the pilot. To fit it, just grind the 3mm x 4.2mm l.e.d. down to 2.6mm x 2.5mm, remove the cockpit arm supports (which can't be seen anyway) and chop off the pilots feet (which also can't be seen), allowing a bit more clearance.

Lign up the engine nozzles on a straight edge to make sure the vanes all set at the same angle.

The fit is quite loose, and there'a a lot of filling, sanding and clamping involved!

Here it is done up as the "SeaWitch" in pale sea grey. That lerge decal on the back is a bit tricky to fit - make sure you have some decalfix to hand.

Very dis=fficult to get a good shot through the thick front window, but an instrument panel and space suit detail are fully visible.

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