Glendogie Bogie

Another mini-feature from Kolik Films, I was glad to be back on board with the team helping out with some props. This job called for some puppet-held gizzmos, two golf buggies, a van and a replica of the front of the van.

The very beginnings of the whole job - an mdf mock-up to establish dimensions - some cheating required here as the manequins are a queer shape!

In the finished model, the puppets have to be animated while in the van - a tall order for a fully fitted interior!

The finished van - fully fitted interior with adjustable seats and stearing wheel (controllable from inside or outside), fully working and dimmable practical lights (including number plate, interior effects lighting and dashboard), removable front windscreen, and removable roof.

Here's a view of most of the lights - you can just about see the dashboard - and the headlights (insert) illuminating a bit of scenery in a forced perspective shot. Two 2W warmwhite Luxeons with a 7 degree refractor per side.

A better view of the dashboard and one of the interior effects sources.

Switch, battery and dimmer locations

One of the golf buggies - they also had working headlights

One of the team animating the Glendogie Bogie on set.

Another view of the set.

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