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2006 Science Fiction Short Film Festival on February 4, 2006 in Seattle, Washington
Dam Short Film Festival, in Boulder City Nevada

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Heyday has started the new year with a bang, being selected into two US Festivals.

It will be screened in competition at the 2006 Science Fiction Short Film Festival on February 4, 2006 in Seattle, Washington. The festival is a juried competition, comprised of distinguished film, television and science fiction book industry professionals, peers and film critics. Judges include Oscar winning director and special effects master Douglas Trumbull (Close Encounters, Blade Runner etc), the Sci-Fi Channel's Thomas Vitale, SVP of Programming & Original Movies, internationally recognized jurist and physicist Lawrence Krauss, award-winning author Vonda McIntyre, and others. More details will soon be announced on the site.

HEYDAY has been selected for the 2006 Dam Short Film Festival, in Boulder City Nevada, and is scheduled in the program Romance Through The Ages. For more information visit the Dam Film Festival Site.

I was contacted by Rachel, asking for help with a prop - here was the original brief.... "old peoples home; time machine which is a wheelchair, lifesize, reverse-modular design for timelapse assembly". Well, if that doesn't get your interest as a model and prop guy, nothing will! Here's what we started with.

The story is about an old woman who builds a time machine to go back in time to see her husband....

First off was two sketches down to Chocolate to kick the process off

The fold-out wings later changed style and position

Here are most of the parts stuck on for a test fit

One day, about half way through. The design was completely modular to allow for time-lapse photography - everything was connected by jump leads and plastic snap-lock clips. The red thing on the right hand handle is the bottom of a cordless drill - that's what controls the brolly motor, which is the drill motor - it's sticking out of the bottom of the metronome. The boxes on the front have switches which operate the lamps and internally illuminated dials.

Everybody had a job - here, Anne's embroidery skills are being tested

Here's the seat, complete with cushion and seat-belt.

The brolly.....


Here's Anne again - Here's Anne again - oops, caught in a time loop again....

In the fullness of time, we ended up with what we have here....

What a hoot.... come back soon to see how it gets on in the Film Festivals!

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