Jupiter II

Another classic from Polar Lights, this is a great rendition of the Jupiter II, and readily upgraded with lighting effects.

Danger, Will Robinson!

This is the bottom surface of the floor of the main deck. From the profile, you'll notice that there isn't actually anwhere for the lower deck to go - so nowhere to house the galley that we see the family Robinson eating in, or for the Pod or Chariot to be stored in!

The instrument panel is at the bottom, and I've punched holes under the big viewscreens and filled them with clearset resin. The instrument panel has been peppered with fiber optic plugs, and a small silvered light chamber powered with 3 white l.e.d.'s has been made. The central Astronavigator console has a colour-changing l.e.d. installed, and a small cylinder placed under the elevator hatch - this will house a yellow l.e.d. to give the impression of light shining up from below - there's actually no room for anything though.

Upper deck room lights are 8 white l.e.d.'s over the4 bay windows, so tht they can't be seen.

Here are the tails for the 32 white l.e.d.'s that power the star-drive, and the 555 timer that powers them. They are arranged in 8 sequential groups of 4.

Here's the outside of the base - these l.e.d.'s are vovered by the clear part.

I'm left with two groups of wires - one set of 6 for the 9V sequencer and one group of 5 for the practical lights.

Here's the completed inside, just before it's shut up for good. Pity most of the detailing won't be seen!

Here's one half of one leg, with a chanel dug out to accomodate the wires, and the location of the plug that I intend to install which will transfer power and allow control of the lighting functions.

Here's a complete leg. Two have been fitted with a 6-pin mini-din plug to carry the wires. The third has a dummy 8-pin mini-din fitted, thus ensuring that the model can't be pluged in incorrectly.

I always insist that my models can be detached from their power supply base, and that the lighting should leave no visible signs of presence other than a plug cast into an inconspicuos part.

Here's the base that accomodated the model. The sockets were aligned by plugging the ship in, then inverting it, then epoxying the sockets into place - they sit in holes that were a loose fit to give a small ammount of movement for perfect alignment.

Here's the instrument panel....

....and the starboard interior wall - note the reel-to-reel tape reader on the back wall (yellow circle)....

....and the astrogator, with it's mini sequencing colour l.e.d..........

....and a nice shot of the whole thing.

The functions on the switches are (Lto R):

upper deck lights, lower deck lights, systems (control panel), astrogator (colour sequencer) and on the red push-buttons: astrodrive start/sequence changer, astrodrive stop.

I don't know how to do video yet, so in my usual fashion, I just take pictures until I get what I want - here's the rotating drive lights stopped mid-sweep.

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