Lost in Space and Forbidden Planet

Robbie and the B9 Robots (both Polar Lights)

As far as robots go, you cant get much more iconic than Robbie from the 1956 movie 'Forbidden Planet'. A close second might be the B9 from the Irwin Allen series .Lost in Space., running from 1965-68. As luck would have it, I recently had the chance to build the Polar Lights issue of each kit for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy science fiction modeling magazine. I can show you edited highlights here, but you will have to buy Issue 15 of the magazine to read the full articles!

B9 from Lost in Space is good right out of the box, with an array of parts just waiting for a lighting upgrade. There are lots of lighting kits out there, but none that would do the kit full justice.

The head assembly was straightforward, but very fiddly. 26 seperate lighting sources, some constant and some randomly flasdhing, in the sensors, another 12 randomly flashing colours on the chest, and the voice, of course.


Here's a small shutter, long exposure to catch all the lights - they blink in reality, of course, but I still can't do video!


Robby is also a good kit.

After market parts are available - very high quality.

Well, most of it - the ears had to go.... too big, and they'd never stand the lighting requirements.

Some serious sub-millimeter engineering required.

Getting there....

Hollow out the legs to take the witing loom...

If you buy Altaira, you'll need to set the arms like this to hold her....

What a display this makes in a dark room....


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