Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor

Not surprisingly this is a very simple kit, with very course shaping on the flying surfaces - but those folks from SPECTRUM don't care!

It's dead easy to light with just a cutting wheel and some 2mm ceramic l.e.d.'s and it looks just great with the Spectrum markings.

Step 1 is digging out a channel for the wires that go to the 2mm red and green nav lights on the wing tips. After all, I do want this aircraft to comply with JAA regulations! I'm using 0.1mm diameter monofilament winding wire for this job.

These are held roughly in place with some clamps - don't use tape as it just pulls the wires out when it's removed.

Here's the wire channels covered up by pink, filler. This was done in stages, with a dap of grey acrylic paint wherever a bubble showed up. The occasional blub on the pink filler is where I touched a soldering iron tip against the plastic - this tacked the wire into place to give me time to get some filler on it.

Here's the fuselage and wings joined by the wires feeding into the power jack. There's a white l.e.d. under the cockpit hood - I'll drill some holes through that to make it look like illuminated switches.

Here's all the sanding and tidying up.

Nice shot of the cockpit lights and navigation lights.

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